Household Energy Consumption in Rural China: Historical Development, Present Pattern and Policy Implication

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  • Wu, S., Zheng, X., You, C. and Wei, C., 2018. Household Energy Consumption in Rural China: Historical Development, Present Pattern and Policy implication. Journal of Cleaner Production.

Abstract: Household energy consumption in rural areas is strongly related to living standards, poverty alleviation, air pollution and health, but lacks solid analysis due to limited data. This paper first presents a systematical overview of rural household energy consumption in China from 1985 to 2013. To quantify and illustrate the pattern of rural household energy consumption, we use a comprehensive household survey, the Chinese Residential Energy Consumption Survey (CRECS, 2013) to illustrate the energy consumption by seven types of energy and five types of end-use demand. Moreover, we compare the rural household energy consumption in terms of quantity, fuel mix and demand structure by North-South regions, East-Middle-West areas and various countries. We identify the biomass still dominate Chinese rural household energy supply while cooking and space heating are the most energy-intensive demand. The overall energy efficiency for a rural household is 33%, mainly attributed to the massive use of biomass. Policy implications are summarized and discussed. [Linkage]


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